Our History

For many years, the organization staged concerts in a variety of Pacifica locationsa community center, a neighborhood firehouse, an Episcopal church. Here is how we evolved over the years:
  • 1976: Pacifica Performances is founded as the Pacifica Arts and Heritage Council, which assists with art shows, sponsors art, dance, poetry, and calligraphy classes, and provides a meeting place for various community arts groups. Over time, many of these activities are absorbed by the Pacifica Parks, Beaches and Recreation Department.
  • 1996: A group of visual artists renovates a former school building scheduled for demolition. This becomes the Sanchez Art Center. Pacifica Performances subsequently secures the rights to develop the former school’s multi-purpose room into a 175-seat concert hall with adjoining large kitchen and office space.
  • 1997: Pacifica Performances operations moves into the Center.
  • 1998: Packard Foundation provides a grant to build a new stage and install professional lighting equipment in our Concert Hall.
  • 2001: Pacifica Arts and Heritage Council is officially renamed Pacifica Performances and negotiates a ten-year lease with the City.
  • 2001-2002: Pacifica Performances decides to sponsor a cappella vocal ensemble Pacifica Seaside Singers and local jazz band SanJazz.
  • 2009: Sanchez Concert Hall is renamed Mildred Owen Concert Hall, in honor of our founding Artistic Director and SanJazz Band takes the name, Mojazz.
  • 2009: Morning Nichols takes on position of Artistic Director for Pacifica Performances.
  • 2010: Pacifica Performances renews lease with City for another 10 years.
  • 2010: Pacifica Performances joins the newly organized Pacifica Center for the Arts
  • 2011: Rotary Club of Pacifica begins installation of outdoor Plaza as a gift to Pacifica, that now graces the entrance to our hall.

In recent years, we have updated our sound equipment, purchased a wonderful Baldwin concert grand piano, re-floored the entire hall and replaced our chairs with new, comfortable ones. Donations from members, friends and various small grants have made these things possible.
Rotary Club of Pacifica installed an outdoor Plaza as a gift to Pacifica, that now graces the entrance to our hall.
Today our focus is bringing live performance to our community

Examples of featured artists (in no particular order):
Jazz & Blues:
Maria Maldaur
Lavay Smith
Bud E. Luv
Chris Cain
Daniel Castro
Taylor Eigsti
Wayne Wallace
John Worely
Wesla Whitfield & Mike Greensill
Jim & Morning Nichols
Larry Dunlap & Bobbe Norris
Hot Club of San Francisco
Kenny Washington
Larry Vuckovich
Stompy Jones
Brenda Boykin

World and Dance:
Caminos Flamencos
Viviana Guzman
Celia Malheiros
Ed Johnson & Novo Temp
Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choir
Los Boleros
Asia & Arabesque Belly Dance Troupe

Matthew Laurence Edwards
Robyn Carmichael
Yuan Sheng
Tien Hsieh
Noah Stewart
Russian Chamber Orchestra
Joan Nagano
Kay Stern
Handel's Messiah Sing-Along
Chamber Music - Members of S.F. Opera Orchestra
Guitar Series:
Richard Smith
Adrian Legg
Jim Nichols
Preston Reed
Peppino D’Agustino
Michael Manring
Edgar Cruz
Pat Kirtley

Golden Bough
Tony McManas
Molly’s Revenge
Patrick Ball
Jamie Laval & Ashley Broder

Bluegrass, Country & Folk:
Windy Hill
County Line Trio
High Country
Bill Evans
Kathy Kallick

Drama, Comedy & Word:
S.F. Mime Troupe
Will Durst
Word for Word
The Vagina Monologues
SF Shakespeare Festival
Poet Laureate Robert Haas
Pacifica Poetry Festival

Board of Directors:

Morning Nichols - Artistic Director

Don Rowell - Board Chair & Technical
Jim Nichols - Vice Chair & Maintenance
Pat Norris - Secretary
Christine Krenzel - Treasurer
Lee Fernandez - Hospitality Chair
Marilyn Halloran - Minutes & Hospitality
Rick Halloran - Maintenance
Tom O'Toole - House Manager/Tech
Billy Philadelphia - Board Member
Kay Stern - Classical Booker
Ruth Weiller - Rental Liaison & Miscellaneous

Kat Ilvedson - Office Manager

Mildred Owen - Founding Artistic Director
(1926 - 2009)

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